I Discuss My Brother With Four Beverly Hills Rabbis

- What are you afraid of?
- I've been burned in the past. I'm being careful.
- What did you lose?
- I helped people and it worked out bad.
- I guess you try to help yourself? Does that always work out well? Why should it be different with others? You have to do what is best.
- I am.
- You aren't. You're judging me on the basis of money. Because you don't see any money you can't see anything. It's bad. You're a rabbi. You should be ashamed of yourself.
- I'm nothing.
- Nice of you to say. But you are occupying a place in society. If you weren't a rabbi here the person I'd be talking with now might have been someone reasonable. Not someone who hour after hour repeated that he doesn't know me and makes no effort to find out who I am.  Who asks over and over if I am a criminal, a child molester. Four of you Rabbis here in this office, interrogating, trying to catch me out in inconsistencies. Not a spark of humanity. I was born, raised, educated within blocks of here.
- I have my point of view and your have yours.
- A rabbi says that? You know as well as I do there is only one truth. Judaism is the religion of rules. If there is no truth Judaism doesn't exist. It's pretty clear Judaism doesn't exist here. The only Judaism here is that I can speak openly to you and you don't run away. It's true you don't bother to reply but sit there, let yourself be condemned, and don't care. That's not Jewish. That's not anything.
- I'm sorry you think that way.
- So what did my brother say when you talked to him in the other office? I heard him answer that he had nothing bad to say about me.
- He said you did something to hurt him personally.
- Sure. He's fighting me over the family's money. I showed him I would fight back. I guess you feel for him, don't want him to lose money. You didn't even try to work things out between us?  Reality to you is money. That's been your message to me hour after hour.
- I'm sorry.

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