The Logic Of God

Mind & Body, God & The World: Two Ways Of Looking At The Same Thing

- Using foresight we see the world made up of different things to be learned how to be arranged better. We see a world that is ordered, but definitely not too good for us.
- We die.
- For starters. Because the world is ordered we imagine that something made it. Because the world is not too good for us we imagine god, the thing that made us and the world, is punishing us for not being too good ourselves.
- But god is not a thing.
- No. We think god exists because we remember that we don't always see a world made up of different things to be learned how to be arranged better, and at those other times we felt love.
- But there are no things in the world of love.
- There aren't. We try to see how the experience of love could cause the things we see in the world to exist and change, and can't imagine it. The two kinds of experience can't be had at the same time.
- A world having parts and a world not having parts obviously don't go together.
- So we say we have to have faith, belief in a truth we can't imagine that god made the world the way it is for a reason and is punishing us until we know how to act right.
- And people believe because they don't know what else to do. What else could they do?
- They can't use knowledge of the experience of love to understand the world they see when they don't love. They can, however, use their knowledge of the world made up of different things to act in such a way that returns them to the experience of love.